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On Strawberries, Smileys and Sheep

So I delivered the keynote address (cheekily titled “Strawberries, Smileys and Sheep”) at yesterday’s Form Function & Class, organized by the great folks at PWDO. Got some good feedback from the audience, which I’m going to keep here so I have a record of it, since Twitter Search seems to excise old archives. (I can’t find any of my old @replies from two or three months ago, and it’s too much of a hassle to go that far back using the pagination. Bad Twitter. Bad.)

marco_palinar: Keynote speaker @helloluis is in the house yo! #ffc2009

guitarchic: @helloluis’ turn now. STRETCH!! #ffc2009

[ I asked everyone to get up and stretch at the beginning of my talk. A cheap trick to get everybody’s spirits artificially raised for a few seconds. ]

marco_palinar: Eto na! @helloluis #ffc2009

sarahcada: Last speaker: @helloluis on Strawberries, smileys and sheep (rofl) #ffc2009

maepaulino: Last speaker: @helloluis on Strawberries, smileys and sheep

michaelbantigue: @aescnt @pwdo @maepaulino @helloluis : speaking of drinking, is there an afterparty post #ffc2009? if so, where?

sarahcada: Is this a convoluted way for @helloluis to pick up girls? (from @sofimi) LOL #ffc2009

guitarchic: Panel discussion among “taken” ladies about fields of strawberries by @helloluis (whut?) #ffc2009

sarahcada: @helloluis’ volunteers are brilliant! #ffc2009

marco_palinar: Parang talkshow lang ni @helloluis #ffc2009

[ I had 3 members of the audience get up on stage and sit on the couch with me, Oprah-style. I forgot to do her signature “Hellloooooo” though. Rats. Photographic evidence here. ]

marco_palinar: Si @helloluis ma-chicks! #ffc2009

brevity: @helloluis Infidelity. #ffc2009

hyperory: strawberries = sex? wth? kudos to @helloluis though for entertaining us #ffc2009

hyperory: @helloluis: “the smileyface is anybody.” DEEP. #ffc2009

[ I told the smiley anecdote from this previous article, as a way to illustrate our tendency towards simple things. ]

polats: @marco_palinar + @helloluis in a conference = BEST. CONFERENCE. EVAR

brevity: Also, @helloluis is showing some 400 ppl his tats. #ffc2009

marco_palinar: “Plurk laos” – @helloluis #ffc2009

[ “Just to put it into perspective, Ashton Kutcher has 5 times more followers than Plurk even has members.” ]

guitarchic: Common behaviors on the web, accdng @helloluis: Promiscuity, Simplicity, Comformity. #ffc2009

polats: @marco_palinar nice pic, @helloluis in his element

michaelbantigue: @maepaulino : testing the 5% thesis of @helloluis. guess its true! #ffc2009

_third: loved @helloluis ’ strawberries, smiles and sheep (birds) #pwdo

iandmac: last speaker mr @helloluis rocks! i <3 ur keynote.. #pwdo #moonfruit

jhisk: @iandmac hahah I agree sir @helloluis rocks!

jasontorres: “Plurk laos” – @helloluis #ffc2009 (via @marco_palinar) – LOL

owrange: did it become sikat? =) RT @jasontorres “Plurk laos” – @helloluis #ffc2009 (via @marco_palinar) – LOL

mcometa: @helloluis the kokology was entertaining! hahaha (though i may have heard it before, but not in from a large crowd ^_^)

Reader Comments (3)

i was at the pwdo conference. waaaayyy at the back of the crowd and i ran into some old colleagues from Exist Global. was surprised you're also with Exist. memorieeeeees....LOL.

July 11, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermotoko08

can i have a copy of ur presentation during y4it?

September 19, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermic

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